Our Team

Many of our staff members have worked together for years, developing a family atmosphere in the process.  At Sarasota Brides & Formalwear, we are dedicated to treating our customers as part of the family, giving each one special attention in finding just the right dress (or dresses, as the case may be) for their intended special occasion.  We spend a great deal of time getting to know our customers and as such, we'd like to give you the opportunity to know more about us......

Los Angeles, California
years in Sarasota: 25 years
previous career/job: Professional Ice Skater and Spa Director
favorite movie: Pretty Woman
hobbies: Cooking, dog walking, reading
lava lamp or disco ball/why: Disco ball, because it reminds me of dancing on ice
oh yeah, and one more thing...I played Cruella DeVille for 5 years in the ice show and now I can say Glenn Close played me in the movie!

Tampa, Florida
years in Sarasota: 8 years
previous career/job: Shoe designer
favorite music: Disco and classical
hobbies: Shelling, gardening and cooking
cats or dogs/why: I have never met a DOG I didn't like
oh yeah, and one more thing...always look timeless and chic

San Bernadino, California
years in Sarasota: 20 years
previous career/job: Broadcasting
favorite book: Kane and Abel
hobbies: Golf
football or baseball:  Football, because of the excitement
oh yeah, and one more thing...I was one of the first women in national TV syndication.

birthplace: Panama
years in Sarasota: 20 years
previous career/job: Dental assistant, mom
favorite place: The beach
hobbies: Anything creative and dancing
sweet or salty/why: Sweet - because it makes me feel good
oh yeah, and one more thing... I need a new car

birthplace: Sicily, Italy
years in Sarasota: 8 years
previous career/job: Dress maker and seamstress for the past 50 years
favorite restaurant: Sarasota Brewing Company locally and Marina Verde in Sicily
hobbies: Dancing, artwork, anything with my hands and cooking
sing or dance/why: Dancing is truly my passion
oh yeah, and one more thing... I wish I was taller!

Brooklyn, NY
years in Sarasota: 11 years
previous career/job: Promotions
favorite movie: Any Steven Spielberg or George Lucas film
hobbies: Beating my husband at Word Searches
football or baseball: Football... because I understand it!
books or movies: Movies
lava lamp or disco ball: Discoball
favorite TV show: Ghost Hunters, Modern Family & Wipeout (It's the one show I will let my kids stay up late for!)
oh yeah, and one more thing... I'm licensed for racing Indy cars on an amateur level

Sarasota, FL
years in Sarasota: All my life
previous job: Victoria's Secret
favorite movie: The Twilight Saga
cats or dogs: Dogs! I have a little Yorkie named Ted. He's a wild child.
oh yeah, and one more thing... I have a new edition to my family named Ethan. He's my pride and joy!

Sarasota, FL
years in Sarasota: All my life
previous job: BCBG Maxazria
cats or dogs: dogs
favorite movie:Alice in Wonderland
oh yeah, and one more thing... I love skydiving!

years in Sarasota: 24 years
previous career/job: Designer's Workroom
favorite movie: Pretty Woman
cats or dogs: both
oh yeah, and one more thing... I love fashions!

Kissimmee, FL
years in Sarasota: 26 years
previous career/job: Marketing
favorite movie: Somewhere In Time
cats or dogs: both - love animals
oh yeah, and one more thing...I love musicals!

We thank our customers for your continued business and loyalty. You aren't just "shopping" for a dress. You are placing your faith and trust in our integrity to provide a service that goes beyond just buying a dress for a special occasion. Your stories about whatever exciting event you are preparing to participate in enriches our lives!